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Harvard Jolly has been creating distinctive architectural solutions throughout the Southeast since 1938. The quality and success of our projects is driven by our core goal: complete client satisfaction.


The foundation of our commitment to our clients is rooted in communication and teamwork between the client, project team, end users, and community. We aspire to create innovative spaces that are pragmatic, functional, and sustainable. Our teams are passionate about their craft and work tirelessly to keep projects on budget and on schedule.

At Harvard Jolly, we pride ourselves on our team's ability to solve the problems that face today's healthcare providers. Harvard Jolly consistently implements proven design strategies that focus on the patient, family, and caregiver. Harvard Jolly progressively applies best practices in healthcare design to ensure that our clients provide care that achieves positive outcomes for their patients. We have designed over 20 million square feet for healthcare clients across the United States. Our healthcare portfolio represents over $2 billion in construction. Our depth of experience ranges from small community clinics to full-service hospitals, including facilities for: acute care, outpatient care, ambulatory surgery centers, skilled nursing, assisted living, behavioral health, and medical office buildings.


Through our service to 40+ university/college campuses in Florida, we understand the importance and complexity of designing and successfully completing projects on occupied

campuses. Our designs cover all aspects of higher education, including: classrooms, libraries, laboratories, arenas/gymnasiums, fine arts/cultural centers, offices and conference centers. The buildings on a campus not only define a school's identity, but they are also vital to a student's overall learning and social experience. We strive to design impactful, state-of-the-art spaces that set the tone for future campus development. We also work closely with each institution to ensure that any new building or addition will blend into a campus's existing architectural character.



The years spent in school are an integral part of a child's intellectual and social  development. Our goal is to design learning environments that foster creativity, promote interaction, and assist in cultivating young minds. While the success of the student drives our designs, we also work closely with teachers, administrators, and facilities staff to ensure that each school meets their expectations of comfort, efficiency, and functionality. Harvard Jolly's education team has designed over 10 million square feet of K-12 learning environments that total over $1.8 billion in construction. Our team is composed of designers that are renowned for their expertise and their familiarity of the evolving nature of educational design, technology, and research.




Parking structures are designed to serve as more than just a garage; they are also a major pedestrian link that must handle a great deal of foot traffic and vehicles. Over the past three decades, Harvard Jolly has designed more than 30 parking facilities containing over 20,000 parking spaces and covering 7.5 million square feet. Harvard Jolly's parking specializations include planning, design, and design criteria packages. Several of our parking structures have been recognized with various industry and design awards from distinguished organizations, including the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute and the International Parking Institute.

Harvard Jolly has invested in sustainable design and employs many LEED accredited professionals. Our team has designed 20+ LEED certified projects and hundreds of thousands of SF utilizing Green Globes sustainability guidelines. Being a leader in sustainable design, Harvard Jolly has many firsts in regards to LEED design including the 1st public education full campus LEED Gold certified building in the Southeastern United States. Harvard Jolly’s University of North Florida Biological Sciences Building was recently featured in The 50 Most Impressive Environmentally Friendly University Buildings and voted as #9 in the world.

With technology changing daily and the need to serve a greater cross-section of users, today's libraries must be planned for change and designed to adapt. Whether located in a small town or a bustling college campus, we have designed more than 55 libraries spanning over the past 30 years. From planning and programming to the final design, our library design team is on the forefront of today's trends. Our team is frequently asked to share their expertise through numerous speaking engagements. We are also proud members of both the American Library Association and the Florida Library Association.




From city hall to the neighborhood recreation center, our civic buildings are a source of pride for the communities that they serve. Harvard Jolly is proud to have worked with more than 25 municipalities and 20 counties over the past 40 years. Our designs have been recognized numerous times for their contributions to their communities by organizations such as the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council and Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission.

Public safety facilities speak volumes to the surrounding community. They not only provide community resources, but they house public servants who protect and serve. Having designed more than one million square feet of public safety facilities, Harvard Jolly has understanding of the unique attributes required by such facilities and a respect to the owner’s needs and desires. Harvard Jolly’s public safety design team have specialized expertise in a wide array of public safety facilities, which include: emergency operations centers (EOC), command and control centers, law enforcement facilities, mission-critical facilities, data centers and communications centers. 

At Harvard Jolly Architecture, we pride ourselves on innovative building designs as well as the technology we use. Our in-house staff produces a variety of 3D visualization services such as exterior and interior renderings, photo integrations,  architectural cutaways, video compositions and motion graphics. We bring each project to life, by incorporating our profound  understanding of the way things behave in the real world; details such as textures, lights, colors, the environment are perfectly executed to deliver a photorealistic architectural visualization and an impactful first impression to the viewer.

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